Physikzentrum, RWTH Aachen
Physik der Elementarteilchen  und der Kondensierten Materie

Program of the institutes 



Lab tours (14h-16h)
Guided lab tours will be offered from 14:00 h to 14:50 h  and  from 15:00 h to 15:50 h. The tours start at 14:00 h and 15:00 h from the meeting point  in tower 28, 2nd floor (Elementary particle physics tour) and from the meeting point  in tower 28, 3rd floor (Condensed matter physics tour).
Theory presentations (14h-16h)
The research at the institutes of theoretical physics is presented in a series of talks from 14:00h to 16:00h in the seminar rooms 26 C 401 (Statistical Physics, Solid-State Physics, Soft-Matter Physics) and 26 C 402 (Particle Physics and Cosmology, Quantum information).
Individual appointments and thesis projects  (16h-17h)
Individual student or group appointments are recommended between 16:00 h and 17:00 h. During these visits detailed information on available bachelor- and master-thesis projects will be offered by the research advisors. 
Detailed program (14h-17h)
Please follow the links  on the left side bar for more information on presentations and thesis projects offered by researchers at the physics institutes.








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